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MCC Rebels Unable to Get Win Against Windom Eagles 

By Nichole Johnson

After a win against RTR the girls took the Windom Eagles on.  The girls would get the tip off but the ball went back and forth for a good 2 minutes before Montana Beckmann would score for the Rebels, followed right back by a basket from Delany Smith of Windom.  Soon after the tie game Ines would foul Delany Smith and she would add to Windom’s score putting them in the lead.  With 2 more fouls from Shelby Christensen it would only help the Eagles on the board and the score would become 8-2.  Windom would take over the game and the Rebels just could not make a play and struggled on defense.  With 9:17 left in the first half the Rebels were finally able to contribute to the board with Montana hitting a 3 pointer making the score 14-5 with Windom on top.  Nothing seemed to want to drop for the Rebels, and Windom was definitely running the game.  With the Rebels trying to stay in the game, Morgan Clarke would hit two 3-pointers in a row to help increase the score, but the Rebels were still down 32-22, and with a foul by Brianna Schmitz right before the end of the half, the Eagles would lead 34-22 at halftime.  

The second half would start out a little better than the first for the Rebels but Windom kept their lead by 10 points.  The Rebels were more aggressive on defense and had more steals and rebounds than the first half.  The Rebels had good ball pressure but struggled with passing.  With Windom’s coach getting upset with the Refs and frustration on the Eagles side, the Rebels took advantage of that time and, with Montana Beckmann hitting a 3-pointer with 6 minutes left in the game following that with a 2, Ines would score closing the gap to 47-45 Windom.  With continued frustration coming from the Windom bench and only minutes left in the game, Windom’s Autumn Hauge fouled Amanda Muecke, who made a free throw to tie up the game for the first time of the night.  But with Autumn scoring another basket and only seconds left in the game the Eagles stall and come out with the win 53-47. 

Montana would end the night with 14 points, 5 rebounds, and 2 steals, followed by Morgan Clarke with 11 points, 2 rebounds, and 1 steal.  Also contributing to the score was Abby Hamman and Brianna Schmitz with 2, Ines Rios Rus with 6, Shelby Christensen with 7, and Sam Larson with 4.  It was a tough loss for the Rebels but hope for a win against WWG on Tuesday night.  

Rebels Beat Knights

By Nichole Johnson

With the girls having time off during the holiday break, they came back to school and got right back on the court with a match-up at home against RTR.  It took a little bit for the girls to get back into their pre-holiday form and RTR took control right off the bat with a 6-0 start thanks to points from Brooke Thomsen and Kalleigh Carr, along with the help of their tough defense, making it hard for the Rebel girls.  However, it wasn’t long before RTR would foul, bringing Montana Beckmann to the line.  With Montana making both free throws, followed by a 3 pointer, Beckmann got the Rebels back in the game with a score of 6-5.  Ines Rios Rus would soon follow Beckmann and score to get the Rebels ahead for the first time in the game.  Again, Ines would drive into the basket and score creating a foul by Shawna Thomsen, her 2nd foul of the game. Although Ines couldn’t come through on her free throws she did help get the Rebels ahead 9-6.  Allie Christianson would score for RTR and, with a foul by Sam Larson on Shawna Thomsen, the RTR Knights would tie the score 9-9.  The first half was back and forth by both teams for the majority of the time with all the Rebel starters contributing to the score. The Rebels would lose the lead and with fouls by Brianna Schmitz and Shelby Christensen the Knights would take the lead at the end of the half with a 37-31 score.  The Rebels had 11 fouls the first half to RTR’s 8 and the Rebels had 19 turnovers to RTR’s 17.  

The second half started with a 3 pointer by Amanda Muecke to get the Rebels back in action.  After a foul by Brianna Schmitz on Brooke Thomsen and another basket by Brooke the RTR Knights would extend their lead by 8.  The Knights would continue to keep their lead and the point spread until the last 6 minutes of the game when the Rebels would burst into action and with a foul by Shawna Thomsen on Ines Rios Rus and a 3 pointer by Brianna Schmitz, the Rebels would gain speed to catch up to the Knights.  With a time-out taken by Coach Freeman with 3 minutes to go the Rebels would get the pep-talk they needed.  Abby Hamman would drive in for 2 followed by Montana Beckmann to add 2 as well. With the score 65-61, Shelby Christensen would drive up the lane for 2 and get fouled by Allie Christianson. She made both free throws to bring the score to 65-63.  With the time ticking away, Ines would go in for 2 and, with a foul by Jonni Biren, Ines would make both her free throws to tie up the game with 1 minute 40 seconds left.  Montana Beckmann would get the lead for the Rebels but Brooke Thomsen would score to tie it back up.  RTR maintained their tough defense but with 40 seconds left in the game Ines would score 2 followed by a block to help keep the Rebels on top of the game.  Brooke Thomsen would foul Montana Beckmann, who made both free throws to increase the Rebels lead  71-67.  With a 3 point shot at the buzzer by Brooke Thomsen the RTR Knights would fall to the Rebels 71-70.  

Rebels came back from break with an exciting win over RTR and kept the crowd on their toes making the last 4 minutes of the game an exciting one!    Montana would lead the Rebels in points with 21 for the night followed by Ines with 17, Shelby Christensen with 14, and Brianna Schmitz with 10.  Ines had 10 rebounds on the night and 7 blocks.  RTR’s top scorers for the night were Brooke Thomsen and Haley Muenchow both ending the night with 22 points.  It was a very evenly matched game through and through as seen by the final score, with the Rebels earning a very deserving win!   

Rebels Win On the Road 

By Nichole Johnson

With a tough loss against Windom, the Rebels were ready to come out onto the court looking for a victory!  The Rebels would get off to a great start earning 6 points within the 1st minute-and- a-half of the game.  WWG called a timeout at the 15 minute mark with the Rebels up 8-2.  With Ines Rios Rus, Montana Beckmann and Shelby Christianson making baskets and the Rebels defense dominating, the Rebels increased their lead to 15-4 with 13 minutes left in the first half.  The Rebels seemed to feel more confident and comfortable with the ball and their defense was spot on.  With their passing on target and their shots falling in, the WWG Chargers were struggling to contain them.  Rebels defense as aggressive as they have been all year, made it hard for the chargers to get the ball past mid-court.  With 7 minutes left in the game, Montana Beckmann would hit a 3 pointer making it a 29-11 point spread.  The Rebel girls were having a good night all around and with multiple baskets, steals and rebounds Shelby Christensen would throw it up for 3 to make the score 42-17.  The Chargers were able to make a few more baskets before the half but they were still down at the half 48-25.  

The Rebels would started the second half with the ball but a steal by the Chargers would lead to a drive for the basket, and a charge called on their player.  Ines would go in for 2 followed by Montana for 3, and a steal and another 2 points by Ines.  All the Rebel players were finding the hoop and it seemed impossible for the Chargers to do anything to help themselves catch up.  Defensively, the Rebels press was working in their favor and with a steal from Amber Boock and pass to Brianna Schmitz under the basket the Rebels were up by 29 points with 10 minutes left in the game.  The Chargers were getting frustrated with the quickness of the Rebels and the game became a little scrappy.  When Brianna got her 4th foul and the score being a 29 point spread, Coach Freeman switched it up a bit by putting Bryn Hoekman, Amber, Sam Larson, and Emma Johnson in with Montana Beckmann.  Those girls were in a minute or two before the starters came back out.  Ines would help the Rebels lead by adding 4 points and Abby Hamman stole for a layup giving the Rebels another basket to add to their score.  With just 4 minutes left, Amber, Sam, Emma, and Macy Posthuma would join Morgan Clarke on the court.  Taylor Hammer would go in and get a basket along with Sam Larson to make the final score for the Rebels win 80-43.  

The Rebels had a great game with everyone getting in at some point to get some playing time and experience at the Varsity level.  The team looked strong and played well together along with having a great night at the hoop for all the girls.   Ines would end the night with 25 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists, and 6 steals. Montana Beckmann ended the night with 15 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists and a steal.  Shelby Christensen had 11 points, with Brianna and Amanda having 6 and Sam Larson contributing 5 points to the game.  All around the Rebel girls played well and it will be fun to see them play Adrian on Friday night!  Great win Rebels!