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May 20th, 2019 News

MCC School Board Prepares For End Of Year

The Murray County Central School Board met on Monday, May 13th. All members were present, and the meeting was called to order. The agenda was approved, and the consent agenda items were reviewed. The minutes from the April 8th meeting were approved. The financials were reviewed and approved. They received a letter of resignation from Patrick Freeman as Head Girls Basketball Coach. They also received a letter of resignation from Amy Woldt as the Community Ed & Youth Coordinator and the High School and Community Ed Secretary. The Board also approved designating Joe Meyer as the official authority to authorize user access to MDE secure websites.

There was no one present for public forum.

Elementary Principal, Todd Burlingame, gave the Board his update. The year is winding down which means the days are full of fun activities. MCA testing is completed, and test scores are being looked at. Math Masters had a fun year and recently competed at the regional competition in Marshall, with 15 students competing. Kindergarten round up was a success and they expect about 50 students in next year’s class.

Secondary Principal, Jake Scandrett, also updated the Board. The High School also completed the MCA testing. The Seniors took their class trip and fun was had by all. 7th Grade orientation will take place on May 22nd. The end of year schedules are out. Senior Walk Day will be Monday, May 20th and Seniors will not have class on May 22nd and 23rd. Senior Awards Ceremony will be on Friday the 24th at 8:30 am in the gym. Graduation is Sunday, May 26th at 2:00 pm with 51 students graduating. The last day of school for the rest of students will be May 31st with early out at 12:05.

Superintendent, Joe Meyer, gave his report. The legislative session is still on going with large gaps currently in Education. MCC received the School Finance Award again this year. The Kitchen and Food Inspection happened with only two minor issues at Central and nothing at West. A new van is ordered to replace the 2008 van, and this is a 2020 budgeted item. The 1924 bathroom updates continue to progress. Locker removal and placement will happen in the first week of June. The Electrical upgrade prep has started and the Asbestos removal in the classrooms and libraries will begin in June as well.

New business includes the first reading of Policy 209-306. A memorandum of understanding with the Education Association which outlines how the teachers will make up the days that were missed with this winter’s weather.  The Board next reviewed the new Student 1 to 1 Computing Agreement for the 2019-2020 school year. It lists out the School’s, Student’s and Parent’s responsibilities in the care, maintenance and replacement of the device. The “final” 2018-2019 school calendar was approved, 3 additional snow days were added since the last school board meeting. With the replacement of the lockers there will be 447 total lockers that they have deemed surplus. These lockers will be sold off in either 5 or 4 locker sections (dependent on style) for $50. More information to come. The current operating referendum is set to expire, and the Board needs to decide what they would like to do. It was agreed that the Finance Committee should meet to discuss this. They are also waiting for legislation to decide what they are doing as well.

Old Business included the second reading of Policies 101-208. They also approved the memorandum of understanding with the Paraprofessionals for when they will make up their missed days due to weather this year.

The Board approved the donations; these came from: Heartland Eyecare $250.00, Lake Wilson Lions $50.00, Hadley Lions $250.00, Currie Town & Country $500.00, Lake Wilson United Methodist Church $100.00, Church of St. Columba $50.00, Good Shepard Lutheran Church $250.00, NutraBlend $4019.92, Sherry Robinson $46.69. Thank you to those who donated.

The staff recognition social will be May 31st at 2pm and the next school board meeting will be June 10th at 6pm. The Board then went into closed session to do the Superintendent evaluation.