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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, 

Recently our parishes held a Christmas Wreath Fundraiser for our cemeteries. The fund raiser was successful; the wreaths are beautiful. Part of the fund raising ‘deal’ was the wreaths would be placed by the grave and removed after Christmas. Forty people ordered wreaths for the St. Ann Cemetery. The easels, which would hold the wreaths, were placed in the ground before the ground froze; the wreaths were placed on Tuesday, Nov 20. By Sunday, Nov 25, several wreaths along with the easels had been stolen from the cemetery. Who does this? Not only was I shocked and frustrated but I admit I was a bit heartbroken. The wreath was a gesture of someone’s love for a deceased family member or friend and someone else thinks they have the right to take it off cemetery ground? Shame on the thief! Come judgment day you will need to answer for your gesture of selfishness and why that was more important than another person’s gesture of love. I believe our loved one’s body rests in holy ground. 

Dana Clarke