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Letter to the Editor

Letter to The Editor

In the midst of all this snow, March came in like a lion and our paths took different directions. At any rate, March brings to us our annual Minnesota Food Share Campaign when we consider the needs of the Murray County Food Shelf and its purpose. The Murray County Food Shelf Board is always aware of the reason we are open and that ls to provide food for those who are experiencing limited budgets, immediate crises (fires,illness,lack of heating, etc.) and a need for education. These are only a few of the problems people face, not only In winter but anytime during the year. Our local churches are willing to provide for the people In our community by gathering food and cash donations for our food shelf and some do this throughout the year, not just in March. Our food shelf Board takes this opportunity to thank all who generously give money, food, garden produce, time and effort to keep our food shelf running. It is the people of Murray County who provide housing for us by permission of the Murray County Commissioners. Thus, we carry the name of ‘’Murray County Food Shelf”. The March Campaign is being held in conjunction with Minnesota Food Share with a time period of February 25 - April 7, 2019, We are located at 2989 Maple Road for dropping off donations and this is also our mailing address. Drop off times are best between 2:00 and 2:30PM on Wednesdays, Other times can be arranged through our Board members. Again, we appreciate and are thankful for all that Murray County residents do for us! 

The Murray County Food Shelf Board

Bob Koehler, Dianne Johnson, Doug Pierson, Linda Wing, Lorna Bader, Tim Lange, Betty Rosenberg, Mary Meaden, Lila Anderson and  Pete Beerman,  Representative of the Ministerial Association