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Theology in the Trenches

When Did We Lose It?

When did we lose it? Not the kind of running down the country road screaming at the top of one’s lungs sort of deal. Not the kind of opening the window of your home to declare emotional bankruptcy to the world. No…not that kind of losing it. (Not that I would know about either…) I’m referring to something else.

A compilation of several happenstances got me started on this topic today. Watching from several vantage points, I watched as unapologetically various people put themselves on the throne, and as they did, it rubbed this genie right on out of the bottle. While I compare and contrast a few of my thoughts threading round and about, the truth is, I’m searching for an answer to a question. How do we, as a country, measure up?

I’ve witnessed Costa Rican children gathering morning and evening to worship as one in a children’s home far away. In this home for abandoned children they had been placed through no fault of their own. They had little choice but to be placed where they were. Soak love in they did as the caregivers of the children gave up their lives in order to pour life giving water from His Word upon each. Prayer encamps around the home as the Gospel is boldly proclaimed and lived.

I’ve witnessed Haiti…hot and parched as the sun stroked down upon little ones gathered. Twenty-two to be exact were under one roof while all ages and stages shared the bathroom. Bedrooms occupied at least four or more within the heat of the cement walls. Come evening all was quiet…until…the electricity popped on bringing to life praise and worship of each soul within. Never mind the encampment of cribs stood watch within the same room. Little heads bobbled awake while the older ones clapped and sang loudly in His name. Then…just as quickly, quiet took over once more as the room darkened to match the evening sky and that was that. Night after night these praises were raised…rooftop to rooftop.

India…although I’ve never been…so I’ve heard…Immanuel, Evangelina the children are named. Mary, John and on it goes as they proclaim hash-tags to the likes of Heavenboy because boy oh boy…they love Jesus and make no bones about it as they ask, “We love Jesus. Do you?”

We had it…one nation under God. One nation that ever so slowly began to want what they wanted when they wanted it. 

Yet, the question remains. Do we proclaim Him in the morning? In the evening do we give a shout out so His name will be acknowledged above all names?

If not, why not? We could. We can. So why don’t we begin unapologetically doing so before we no longer can? Not for our glory, but for His. May our actions match our lip service so the world shall know that we are His and He is ours. A “God bless you,” might suffice after placing an order over the phone. Ask a stranger you meet, “How can I pray for you?” And then…do it. Pray for them. “For Thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, both now and forever” (Matt. 6:13).  Amen.