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Green Thumb

By Arnold Krusemark

Our calendar indicates Spring will arrive next week. Our outside window shows Winter is still going strong and will be with us a while yet.

Inside our window our house plants are still stately and holding their positions gracefully.

And our gardening catalogues still arrive and are holding their places too in our living room awaiting our needs.

Our snow shovel is in our garage awaiting use - and not too far from our garden tools we used last fall and awaiting use this year’s gardening.

And our lawn mower is waiting for us too. But it may need a battery charge and some fresh gasoline.

Wish we could say that about the lawn grass. We do remember years back once when we shoveled off some snow and found green grass down at ground level. Made conversation at school that day.

And we are waiting too - for the last of the snow to come, then to melt, and then to get started on our outside work - gardening, for example.

Back inside the house we have our early garden started - either in flower pots or other container.

And then there’s the weekly chore of greeting and watering our regular house plants too.

Until next week.