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Green Thumb

By Arnold Krusemark 

It is April and the weather is moving from Winter to Spring - first snow, then mud, and finally spring planting. The stores have their gardening supplies including some sales and discounts.

This does not say we might have more snow. We’ve had blizzards as late as mid-April. It didn’t stay long though.

One thing caught our eye this past week: in flower pots - tulips and $1/pot.

In the past we had to watch for when the tulips would start to grow - sometimes though the straw banking the house. Then we realized Spring has arrived.

And then there have been other signs of Spring too - the first robin, for instance. This past week a big flock of Canadian geese were in the open water at Lake Wilson (and other places). On their way north for the summer.

In our case, this writer also declared Spring has come - being outside without a coat on. Now to make our late plans on our yard and garden. Maybe we buy as few more seeds to have a few spares. And then fruit trees or bushes to plant when the last frost is gone.

And then the outside work starts in earnest.

Back inside another of our amarylis plants flowered - and a most beautiful flower too - the best of the bunch. We must compliment it when we water things this week.

Until next week.