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Green Thumb

By Arnold Krusemark

With the Winter weather outside we took some time this week to at least page through our garden catalogues.

For one thing we were looking to see what new varieties of vegetables, trees and fruits, etc. we might find. There always seem to be a few new ones, About the first thing that has surprised us in years past and this year too are the variety of seeds available for a single vegetable - tomatoes, and sweet corn, for instance.

Some seeds for heirlomb plants - the kinds we’ve had for years, and sometimes new hybrids to try out.

Tomatoes come in a variety of sizes - from miniature tomatoes to pounders. Some are early and some take all season to produce. This writer can remember a new type we tried years ago. The tomatoes produced looked like three tomatoes growing together. We got minimal results due to the long growing season. We planted that variety only one year as we recall. 

As for sweet corn, we found two new varieties in Gurney’s catalogue along with over a dozen other sweet corn varieties. The new varieties are advertised as sweeter and will produce more ears per stalk.

Reminds us us what we see and hear at the farmers’ field days come August. The new varieties there are more finely tuned to fit our type of soil, season, and purpose. We say purpose as some become food or feed and some varieties are being developed expressly for the ethanol industry. 

And, thankfully, popcorn is available to be grown too. Otherwise we will look through the rest of the catalogues for an additional report in future weeks.

In the meantime make plans for starting your gardens indoors for transplanting outside when the weather warms up. Look for trays among other things. Or a few spare flower pots. And, don’t forget to water your house plants too.

Until next week.