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Green Thumb

By Arnold Krusemark

Spring does not come in a day, nor does the work of Spring get done in a day either.Fortunately there are some days without rain (or other precipitation) and when the ground is dry enough to walk in and work.

We have tried to decide what we are going to get done each day and then try to get at least most of it done. Sometimes it works. Thankfully we have made some garden and yard plans. Now to get them done in time. Whatever, do not try to work yourself too hard. Do your work in bite sized times. Hopefully you will get enough done in time.

In  the meantime pace yourselves (yourself and your helpers) so you don’t get too tired. And care for your garden and yard items you planted this year. Normally we end this column by reminding you to water your house plants. Also water your transplants, flower pot gardens, and whatever.

Remind them you expect great things from them - flowers, vegetables, and whatever. The local stores still have supplies - be it seeds, transplants and garden tools. Then we can begin the care of our vegetable garden. Other work is needed too. In past columns we have discussed pruning.

And then there’s trash removal. And probably a bonfire or two. And then take a nap when you need it. And then think about what you have done and still need to do.

Until next week.