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Green Thumb

By Arnold Krusemark

This week we continue on planning our gardens and yard. VIP Floral plans to have their seeds out the beginning of February. We did check with Bomgaar’s the other day and were told the seeds have already arrived. The root crops (roses, potatoes, etc) are still coming.

Also coming will be the baby birds in February. And for the first time, they will be carrying bees. Hope they don’t get loose around the store. We can certainly remember buying our baby birds. Father took care of ordering baby chickens. Mother and I ordered baby geese and ducks. After a year or so we kept some birds and then collected their eggs and hatched them. We still have the incubator. We have many stories to tell about raising them too some of which have been told in past columns. Many of our birds became family pets.

And then there’s other things we raised - bushes and trees. Once they got planted and on their own they became part of our family too. They blessed us annual with flowers, fruit, berries and whatever.

We’ve been going through our catalogues thinking what we would like to add to our yard menagerie. Sometimes its to replace what we’ve had in the past and died out. Sometimes its something we haven’t had before.

Wish we could say everything we bought and planted grew for us. Now is the time to make our selections before the nurseries run out. Sometimes when we’ve ordered we found they had run out of something we rather wanted.

Back inside the house, our amaryllis is getting ready to blossom again and help us get rid of the winter blues or something.

Until next week.