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Green Thumb

By Arnold Krusemark

Fall will be officially arriving this week-end. That means we will have equal daylight and equal darkness.

As for our weather, it is gradually cooling off. So far we don’t need our winter coats - yet, but most of us are or should be making plans on getting the outside work done before winter arrives.

In the meantime, Farmers’ Market (Thursday mornings in Slayton) is still going strong. Its great seeing what local gardeners have grown and other things they have for sale.

Back home our gardening is pleasing us with what we’ve grown through the summer. Now to get it stored for use during the winter and spring.

In past columns we’ve talked about getting your fall planting done/here’s hoping whatever you plant will get started enough to survive the winter and bless us come spring.

And maybe your indoor gardens too. And our next holiday - Halloween - reminds us to select one pumpkin to make ready for show and tell. Until carving time in our past we’ve looked at our supply (in the garden, pantry, or for sale) to select which one to use.

And maybe use another to make a real pumpkin pie out of.

More about Halloween later.

In the meantime, our outside chores now include bringing in the outside items we put out for summer - plants, or furniture, for example. Not so bad if we do a little at a time.

And inside, be sure to water your house plants.

Until next week.