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Green Thumb

By Arnold Krusemark 

Last week we talked about what in our garden catalog is new. We will get back to that in future weeks. This week we will discuss some plans for your garden (vegetables) and yard (flowers and so on).

In planning your flower garden remember some plants like full sun, some are happy with some shade. Some are quite tall (should be in the back row) and others short.

You probably would like to have flowers throughout the growing season. This writer remembers some flower seeds were Cut and Come Again type. This week’s harvest will be replaced with more flowers later. And there are early flowers too, along with end of season flowers. If you have only one garden you might have the flowers in only one area. Otherwise, they might be a border around the house - especially what faces the neighbors. The Border Flower garden would be maybe 3 - 4 feet in depth. If your flowers are in the vegetable garden some shorter ones could be up front with the tall (sunflowers?) in the rear.

Just some thoughts to planning your garden(s) again this year.

And be sure to water your inside house plants too.

Until next week.