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Green Thumb

By Arnold Krusemark 

Any way you look at it, the weather is still Winter. We do have some nice days, some with snow, and some days it even melts (as well as freezes).

We did some planning of our garden and orchard this past week. For one thing, we’ve been making plans of which trees and bushes to get and where to plant them.

Please remember at least two things: they grow and will need some care. Most trees will need extra care when first planted - extra watering for example - to get its roots established.

Also when planning your yard remember trees (and bushes) do grow. Make plans for what the orchard and yard will look like when the trees are fully grown. For example don’t plant trees too close together, and most fruit trees (and bushes) would like at least two nearby for cross polination.

As for gardening now - its good time to start your indoor garden so when the weather is warmer plants can be transplanted to the outside garden.

Lastly be sure to water and visit your indoor house plants.

Until next week.