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Green Thumb

By Arnold Krusemark

Weatherwise Winter as arrived. Yes, we may have some nice days when more snow will melt, but the growing season is over.

We may have some remaining outside chores to get done before real winter sets in, but the other day our temperature hit 9 degrees.

The only remaining outside work might be to put up Christmas lights. At least we don’t need that for a few more weeks - yet.  We will say most stores have their Christmas displays out already.

This writer remembers complaining that Christmas trees and decorations were up Labor Day in stores. Obviously artificial trees.

This week is a good time to make plans for Thanksgiving - where to go or invite, maybe start checking supermarkets for meal ingredients.

Also time to get our downstairs produce pantry rearranged. Upstairs our house plants need a little tender care too. Maybe we need to turn them around so another side sees the sun. And maybe as bit of fertilizer too. Not to mention our weekly watering, And maybe speak to them too.

Until next week.