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Green Thumb

By Arnold Krusemark

Another week has passed with some good news and some bad The weather is our biggest news item of the week.

In some years past in church we prayed for rain. This Sunday we prayed for weather without rain.

One time in the past it rained so hard Saturday night this writer noted the cat’s water dish was floating down the basement floor. It nearly made it that way again.

The next news items have been which roads are under water and which have been washed down or out. Our township taxes will be needed for more than snow removal this year.

As for our gardens, We note some farmers’ fields have corn already shoulder high with tassles coming out where some other fields have short corn - or none at all (drowned out). We will see this fields survive and produce this year.

And lawn mowing comes in between rains when the grass is dry enough.

As for our produce we note some hillside rows got washed out or down.

We’ve had rows planted one day with rain that night and a river down the rows we just planted. And many of the seeds ended up at the bottom of the hill. Well watered, of course.

And come night we hear the concert of mosquitoes humming. One continuous note.

Farmers’ Market continues on Thursday mornings. Not too much garden produce yet - but it will come.

By the time this column gets delivered Organic Field Day at Lamberton will be past. We will try to report on it in next week’s column.

Until next week.