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Cub Scouts Growing IN Slayton and Fulda

By Theresa Nysetvold

The communities of Slayton and Fulda are fortunate to have a growing, active Cub Scout troop and soon they will provide an opportunity for all of us to support the youngsters with their popcorn fundraiser.

The Cub Scouts are a division of the Boy Scouts of America, a program that for more than one hundred years has provided opportunities for boys to grow and develop through values-based programming into leaders in their homes and communities.  Though Fulda and Slayton have had active boy scout troops for many years, the interest from younger children had waned.  But last year, the local Cub Scout group was reinvigorated, and they are looking forward to another strong year of activities, fun and learning.  Leader Jill Pieske said, “A year ago a Scout representative talked to the boys at school, and my son Brett was really excited about what he heard.”  Jill worked hard to organize other volunteers, locate a meeting space and she enlisted the assistance of Kiwanis member Janet Voges.  “Janet is our chartered organization representative, and she has been very helpful,” said Jill.  This past year, seventeen elementary-age boys joined the troop, and with adult volunteers the number is usually too high to use the meeting space at the scout building in Slayton.  Jill explained, “Sometimes we can use the scout building, but when we want to work on badges, we are fortunate we can use the Slayton United Methodist Church.  If gives us space to spread out a little.”  

The troop meets twice each month during the school year, and once each month during the summer time.  “Most of the boys’ favorite activity is the Pinewood Derby.  They love building their wood cars and racing them.  We also had a lot of fun camping at the Shetek Boy Scout Camp on Lake Shetek.”

Their traditional fundraiser is the popcorn sales, and even though they were late getting started last year, the cub scouts sold $5500 worth of popcorn, of which 1/3 was returned to the troop.  “A percentage of the sales come right back to our troop and are used for our activities and programs,” stated Jill.  Remaining profits support the boy scout council, which benefits all of the scouting programs.

Popcorn sales begin Friday, September 29th.  There are boxes of microwave popcorn and bags of flavored popcorn, such as: caramel crunch, salted caramel, chocolate caramel crunch and premium caramel with nuts.  Bags of popping corn are also available, and there is a program for purchasing popcorn and asking it to be sent to a service member on active military duty.  An eager Cub Scout may ask you to purchase popcorn, or you can support them at one of their table sale locations:

Sept. 30, 8:00-10:00 a.m. Casey’s, Fulda

Oct. 3, 5:30-7:30 p.m. MCC volleyball game

Oct. 4, 5:00-7:00 p.m. Casey’s, Fulda

Oct. 5, 4:00-6:00 p.m. Jim’s Market, Slayton

Oct. 6, 6:30-7:30 p.m. MCC football game

Prices range from $10-$23, and the table sales will have just the microwave popcorn and three types of bagged popcorn.  If you are interested in placing an order, you may call Jill Pieske at: 605-321-3753.  Additionally, new members to the troop are always welcome and adult volunteers are especially needed.  The first meeting of this school year will be Monday, September 25th, 6:30 p.m. at the Slayton Methodist Church on Broadway Avenue.  And please support the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts by purchasing their delicious popcorn!

Marketing Assistance Loans and LDP’s Available for 2017 Crops at FSA

The 2014 Farm Bill authorized 2014-2018 crop year Marketing Assistance Loans (MALs) and Loan Deficiency Payments (LDPs). 

MALs and LDPs provide financing and marketing assistance for wheat, as well as other commodities such as feed grains, soybeans and other oilseeds, pulse crops, rice, peanuts, cotton, wool and honey. MALs provide producers interim financing after harvest to help them meet cash flow needs without having to sell their commodities when market prices are typically at harvest-time lows. 

A producer who is eligible to obtain an MAL, but agrees to forgo the loan, may obtain an LDP if such a payment is available. 

To be eligible for an MAL or an LDP, producers must have a beneficial interest in the commodity, in addition to other requirements. A producer retains beneficial interest when control of and title to the commodity is maintained. For an LDP, the producer must retain beneficial interest in the commodity from the time of planting through the date the producer filed Form CCC-633EZ (page 1) in the FSA County Office. For more information, producers should contact their local FSA county office or view the LDP Fact Sheet.

Interested producers should stop by the FSA office before loan request to initiate any paperwork that can be done ahead.  

Slayton Kiwanis Club Supports Local Organizations

The Slayton Kiwanis Club, with revenue from various fundraisers, annually contributes a total of about $7,000 to nearly 30 activities and organizations in Murray County that benefit the community and especially youth. Due to accumulated reserves in their administrative account the club was able to make three additional $1000 donations to local organizations in August. Receiving donations were Wonder World Preschool Inc., Murray County Hearts and Hands, and Murray County Early Childhood Initiative (ECI). 

Wonder World Preschool is a child care center in Slayton that accepts children ages of infants, toddlers, preschool and school age. Hearts and Hands of Murray County is a charitable organization designed to assist children and families through various programs and individual contact that features local control and focuses on Murray County residents. The Murray County Early Childhood Initiative is committed to building community partnerships that enhance child care, educational opportunities, and family support for children birth to age five.

Slayton Kiwanis meets each Wednesday at noon at the Country Host and welcomes guests and is always looking for new members.