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Slayton is hiring but no one is applying - why?

LOCAL - Slayton is a wonderful place to live with its small-town values, beautiful rolling prairie, and local conveniences that help save you a trip to having to go to a larger town. Although this year has been unquestionably unique in its challenges for our entire community we have still been fortunate enough to have each other. Since early March we have been minding CDC recommendations while also trying to support local businesses best we can. Overall changing our habits has helped keep our local favorites going. 

Unfortunately, there is one pre- COVID problem that our community has yet to fix despite all the support - finding a reliable workforce. For many businesses deemed essential there is a constant need for filling positions. One industry that has been hit particularly hard is the wireless industry with over 7,000 open jobs nationally. The wireless industry was deemed essential and able to help provide the much-needed connections throughout the pandemic to keep people connected to work, school, and loved ones when it mattered most. We have one such provider right here in Slayton, BeMobile, an Authorized Verizon Retailer.

BeMobile has been part of the Slayton community for many years. We spoke to Kim Mannon about their unique perspective of hiring during a pandemic. Kim is a Slayton native and the Regional Sales Manager for BeMobile. “Our community is lucky enough to have very low unemployment rates compared to the national average.  That low rate also correlates with having a tough time finding employees.” Kim continued “ I know it may be enticing to go to work in a larger town but the small-town staples like a cell phone store can’t stay open without employees. Currently, we are having to be closed until the end of August because of a lack of employees. If we can’t get people to apply, we can’t keep our store open.”

She has a point, Slayton consistently stays 14% below the national average for unemployment even now during COVID-19 we have been below the national average 10.1%. As a community, we have to rally together to keep these businesses in our area. From the local grocery store to the banks we have to shop, work, and support these businesses. 

BeMobile has been hiring for Sales Partners for what feels like forever to Kim and her colleagues. Kim says “We love Slayton, as a local I want to see this store thrive. Also, being able to help my neighbors get set up for their technology needs brings so much joy to my day. This is a great community to work for and you can really find a career here if you take the opportunity to apply.”

Slayton, we need you! Check out local job boards and help wanted signs around town. Refer a friend or family member to give a Slayton business a try and keep our small-town staples around for years to come. 

For more information on BeMobile featured in this article visit

One-Time PLC Yield Updates – Deadline September 30

Farm owners have a one-time opportunity to update PLC yields of covered commodities on the farm, regardless of Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) and Price Loss Coverage (PLC)program election. The deadline to request a PLC yield update is September 30, 2020.  

The updated yield will be equal to 90 percent of the average yield per planted acre in crop years 2013-2017 (excluding any year where the applicable covered commodity was not planted), subject to the ratio obtained by dividing the 2008-2012 average national yield by the 2013-2017 average national yield for the covered commodity. If the reported yield in any year is less than 75 percent of the 2013-2017 average county yield, then the yield will be substituted with 75 percent of the county average yield.

The chart below provides the ratio obtained by dividing the 2008-2012 average national yield by the 2013-2017 average national yield for each covered commodity.

Covered National 

CommodityYield FactorBarley0.9437



Grain Sorghum0.9077




It is the owner’s choice whether to update or keep existing PLC yields.  If a yield update is not made, then no action is required to maintain the existing PLC yield.  An existing or updated PLC yield will be maintained and effective for crop years 2020 through 2023 (life of the 2018 Farm Bill).

PLC yields may be updated on a covered commodity-by-covered commodity basis using FSA form CCC-867.  

For more information, reference resources and decision tools, visit Contact your local Farm Service Agency Office for assistance –

Get the Dirt

Kathy Schwartz, Murray County Master Gardener

Divide bearded iris now. Discard old center sections and borer damaged parts. Replant so tops of rhizomes are just above ground level.

You can purchase spring flowering bulbs now. Purchase bulbs that are firm and free from soft, dry or discolored spots. Keep the bulbs in a cool, dark place until planting.

Shred leaves with the mower and throw them in a heap to decompose. Composting really is that easy. The more work you do, the faster you make compost.

Information provided by the University of Minnesota Extension Service.

Good News 

By: John Stenen 

Many years ago a minister of the gospel attended a large Christian Convention in Texas. He received a message that his wife was seriously ill and not expected to live. He left the meeting and headed for home in Atlanta, Georgia, travelling by train.

In the morning the conductor handed him a telegram. “It must be important sir, for it was on the ‘hook’ as we passed the last station.” “I’m afraid it may be a message informing me that my wife has passed away” said the minister. When he opened the message and slowly read it, tears flowed freely down his face. He read, “Convention is in session all night, praying for your wife. She will get well.”

What joy and peace flooded his soul; what love was being demonstrated that all those people would stay up all night and pray for the woman he loved so dearly. When he returned home he found out that her ‘condition’ turned for the better not long after he would have left the meeting. What a great and wonderful God we serve. I have had many experiences over the years knowing that there was divine intervention that brought about a healing.

The apostle James tells us in the fifth chapter that if there are any who are sick, let them call for the elders of the Church and pray for them in faith, anointing them with oil; and the prayer of faith will save the sick and the Lord will raise him up.” I’m sorry to say that this practice and belief has departed most churches today. James goes on to say: “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” Would to God, that more of us Christians would spend time in prayer for one another, instead of wasting time with worry and fear. God bless.