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Drop-off Samples for a Free Nitrate- Water Test

Drop off your well water samples for a free nitrate test Monday, August 10th to Friday, August 14th between 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Environmental Services Office in the Murray County Government Center. 

Before dropping off your samples, please have each bag clearly marked with your name, phone number, and a unique identification number, if dropping off more than one sample. The testing survey will be available on the Murray County website. It is not necessary to provide information about the well or well location but we will need a mailing address for the nitrate testing results.  

To have your well water tested, please bring at least one-half cup of water in a plastic bag.  In order to get a good sample, allow the water to run 5 to 10 minutes before filling the bag. Homeowners with distillators, reverse osmosis, or other nitrate removal systems should take two water samples   one before and one after the treatment process. This will determine if the nitrate removal system is working. Homeowners with just a water softener should take one sample - either before or after the water passes through the water softener. Please keep samples refrigerated and do not take any samples more than 24 hours before testing. Samples should be cool when arriving. 

Nitrates are the most common contaminant in Minnesota’s groundwater and a significant number of the wells within the state contain high nitrate levels. Take about 5 minutes and find out the nitrate level of your well today. This clinic is sponsored by Murray County Environmental Services. 

For more information, please contact Sarah Soderholm, Murray County Environmental Technician, at 507-836-1165.

Mobile Internet Hotspots Available

The Slayton Public Library is pleased to announce that Mobile Internet Hotspots are now available to check out from the library. The units use cellular service to create a WiFi connection, allowing people to connect to the Internet where there is not typically WiFi access.

The Minnesota State Library, a division of the Minnesota Department of Education, created a connectivity grant for libraries across the state. The Plum Creek Library System was awarded $8900 which partially used federal funding (CFDA 45.310, Library Services and Technology Act (LS-00-19-0024-19) Grants to States) for the grants. Each library in the system has received four hotspots with connectivity paid for one year.

The mobile hotspots can by checked out by any adult library card holder in good standing. They may not be placed on hold, and are available on a first come, first serve basis. The check out period is 2 weeks with no renewals. Contact the library at 836-8778 for more information.

Gifts Received by Hospice of Murray County  

Hospice of Murray County appreciates donations in July 2020. Memory of: Bob Williams, Alfred Jessen, June Gilb, Donna Struchen, Frank & Tess Halbur, Bob Hentges, James Hovdet, Roger Harold Koehn, Betty Bennett and Kathryn Crowley.

Hospice gratefully acknowledges memorials and donations received. These gifts and contributions are helping Hospice of Murray County continue to provide quality care to our patients and their families.