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Southwest Minnesota Men’s Chorus Saturday, April 28th

The Southwest Minnesota Men’s Chorus to host the 2018 UPPER MIDWEST BIG SING in Marshall on Saturday, April 28th. Approximately 200 members of ten male choruses from Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin will arrive Friday afternoon. The choral activities will be held at Southwest Minnesota State University. Friday evening the choruses rehearse and perform for an adjudication session. Saturday morning begins with a “sight reading” sessions and other workshops. Midmorning the Southwest State University Chorus will entertain the Big Sing guests. Late morning and early afternoon is rehearsal time for the individual choruses and the mass chorus. The concert will be Saturday evening at 7:00 PM. The theme of this year’s Big Sing is “Then Sings My Soul”. The concert program consists of songs by the mass chorus (200 men) and solos by six individual choruses including the Southwest Minnesota Men’s Chorus. For ticket information, contact chorus members or call 507-531-7089. This is an opportunity to hear a great vocal program. Hope to see you at 7:00 PM, Saturday April 28, 2018.

Chandler American Legion Auxiliary

The Chandler American Legion Auxiliary met on Tues. afternoon, March 20th at the Community Center. The meeting opened in usual form with President Patsy Buys presiding. Opening prayer was led by the Chaplain. Thank yous were  read from the donations given to the Luverne Veteran’s Home and from St. Cloud. The Chandler Christian School sent a thank you for the apples and candy honoring the teachers. 

Kory Welgraven and Brent Post were remembered with goodie boxes sent to them at Christmas time while serving in the military.

For other business, $20.00 had been sent to MCC’s after Prom Party. A shower chair and a cane were returned after being loaned out. Note to the Public: The Auxiliary has an assortment of health equipment ready to be loaned out at any time. Contact LeRoy and Patsy Buys or any Auxiliary member for information on the equipment. Patsy reported she had filled out the forms for taxes, doing it over the computer. Yearly reports have to be made and sent in. A group of Auxiliary members will meet to do this. 

The meeting closed with the Prayer of Peace and the singing of “America.” The Auxiliary joined the Legion with playing Bingo honoring the Legions 99th Birthday. Mavis, Geri and Patsy were hostesses.

The next meeting will be April 17 at 7:30pm at the Community Center. Mary Mesner is hostess.

Thoughts on Being a Senior in Speech

By Cole Davis

If I had been told when I was younger that there is a group of teenagers that spend their Saturdays going to a designated school to perform a speech for a judge and other like-minded individuals, I would have asked if there is something wrong with them. Yet here we are, with me as a Senior member of the Murray County Central Speech team, and proud of it.

The various members of Speech have different categories in which they perform, which can vary from informative, to dramatic, to humorous, and even a combination of them. Personally, I am in the category of Creative Expression, in which I have the liberty to write my own speech, which can be humorous, dramatic, or a bit of both. Being the type to weep at sad movies, I have made the decision to write mostly humorous pieces. Despite the lack of a funny bone in my body, my humor-centric speeches have ended up turning out quite well. I have my speech coaches, Mrs. Nau and Mrs. Hildebrandt, to thank for that.

The coaching of Speech is a greater challenge than most. The work of coaches Karen Hildebrandt, Kelsey Vogt, and Kristin Nau has greatly assisted with the improvement of every speaker that they mentor. When asked about some of the services that she provides, Kristin provides a few of her many duties as a Speech coach. “Depending on the category, I provide things like creative input, an audience to bounce ideas off of, and someone who believes in your speech,” Mrs. Nau looks at me. “I have enjoyed helping you with your Creative piece this year, too!”  

Speech can be stressful to some students, but many claim the pressure is what keeps them in Speech. Joining Speech has helped many students with overcoming shyness. In addition to helping with overcoming shyness overall, Speech has been known to help with everything from interviews to graded speeches in school. When asked about the value of speech, Mrs. Nau, smiling, says “It is something that I wish I had done in high school. It definitely looks like it helps build confidence in public speaking.”  

Many beginners in speech often want to be the “funny guy.” Thanks to this common decision, Humorous Interpretation is perhaps the most competitive speech category. Jake Bleyenberg, a Junior member of the MCC Speech team and veteran to the category, describes it as “as stressful as the the other categories, but with the added trouble of characterization and timing.” Besides Jake, every member of the humorous category within our school is a Freshman or below. That being said, the younger Humorous speakers of this year have been incredibly hilarious while working on their speeches. “I have a friendly relationship with all of them. I feel like I’m their cool uncle,” Jake says. “We talk in the halls all the time now. We’re like one big happy family.”

The Speech team this year had many great Seniors. On the other hand, it also had me. Amazing performers like Maggie Heezen, Nichole Boese, Faith Bose (in a Duo with Sophomore Vanessa Dahlgren), Bryanne Bose, Lili Rotini, and Emily Kathman will all be greatly missed. On the thought of being in their last year of Speech, Emily, a valued member of the Storytelling category, looks a bit sad, then proceeds to proudly say “Thanks to Speech, I’ve made a lot of great friends and experienced a lot of success and personal growth.” Emily is not the only one to have greatly enjoyed her experiences in Speech. “I’m going to miss all the great friends I’ve made though Speech,” Maggie Heezen, a tremendously skilled Dramatic Interpretation speaker, says with a sigh. “I gained so many great skills from Speech too. It is really weird to think of how this is my last year of it!”

There is always a Senior that joins speech in their last year of school, and this year it is my personal friend, Jeremy Thompson. Jeremy was convinced by a few of us to join this year, and chose to join in the category of Poetry. When asked how he feels about his first year of Speech, Jeremy immediately responds, “I regret not joining earlier! I always thought about joining, but it took all my Speech friends telling me that I need to join to finally do it!” Even though this may be Jeremy’s first year as a Speaker, he is already doing extremely well, getting a medal in various meets. “I’d say that my success is due to a few reasons,” Jeremy states. “Firstly, Mrs. Nau has been a great help with my improvement over the course of the season. Besides her, all the input from my friends has helped a ton with my speaking. All the friends I’ve made in Speech have helped me become more confident in my piece too!” When asked about the friends he has made through Speech, Jeremy proceeds to say that he has made many. “One of my friends that I met through Speech texts me all the time now. We’re actually really good buddies!” 

One of the greatest things about Speech is the fact that the members of each category often become friends over the course of the season. It isn’t difficult to make nice with kindred spirits, after all. I personally have formed bonds with almost all of the fellow Creative Speech performers. We all share a bit of a weird streak, and without it I don’t think any of us would even be in the category. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Besides the friends found within the category, Speech also opens the door for new friends within the school. Without Speech, I wouldn’t know nearly as many great people as I do today. It can be nice to know that someone else is also willing to spend his or her Saturdays performing a speech in front of others. I don’t know if I could find a better group of people to spend my Saturdays with.

Sections at speech have always been difficult to pass through, but we have been given a great deal of extremely talented group of performers. Good luck to those speakers who have made it to State! I’m confident that our team can do amazing at State.  

Speech is always going to be some part of my life. Even though I will not be a member of a team, I will still remember it well. Personally, I wouldn’t trade my times in Speech with my friends for anything. What else would I be doing with my Saturdays, anyway?

Father Daughter Prom Set for Sunday, April 29, 2018  

The Slayton Women of Today will once again be sponsoring their annual Father Daughter Prom on Sunday, April 29, 2018 at the Murray County Central High School Gym.  Get all dressed up and come have fun with your daughter(s).  Punch and snacks will be available with music provided by Jeff Erickson.  Daughters will register for door prizes to be given away.    

LA Photography will be on hand from 12:45 to 1:45 to take pictures with packages available for families to purchase.  The grand march will begin at 2:00 pm with the dance to follow until 4:00 pm.  

All ages are welcome!  The cost is $5 per father/daughter(s).  Family members and friends are encouraged to come and watch the grand march for a cost of $1 per person.   We are encouraging families to arrive early for pictures with LA Photography and also to take pictures in the gymnasium before the start of the grand march as the dance will start immediately following the grand march.   A movie and princess coloring pages will be available for girls while you wait between pictures and grand march.  Registration is not required and payment can be made at the door the day of the event.  If you have questions you can contact Amy Woldt at 507-227-7533.

“Talented Students Admitted to USD Receive Impressive Awards in the Form of Coyote Commitment Scholarships”

Nichole Boese has earned a $4,000 Coyote Commitment Promise Scholarship & Rachel Van Iperen has earned a $8,000 Coyote Commitment Leadership Scholarship.

These awards are based on strong standardized test scores and cumulative grade point averages. 

The Fall 2018 incoming class at USD received $7.2 million in scholarships for academic, artistic, athletic or other successes. Sixty-two percent of new students on the Vermillion campus received awards from the USD Foundation, other USD accounts and from other private sources outside the university.”